Responsible Lending Code


Motorworld provides finance through Volkswagen Finance, Marac, Oxford Finance and UDC. 
Their websites provide full disclosure around the rates & fees and also includes sample documents. 

Fixed Interest rates charged will depend on your financial circumstances taking into account:

  • How much you want to borrow
  • The term of your loan
  • Your income
  • Your other financial commitments
  • Your credit history

For more information about rates and fees and to see each of our lender’s contract terms, you can visit: 

Volkswagen Finance: European FinanceAbout Volkswagen Finance

Kia Finance: Heartland Bank

Oxford Finance: About Oxford Finance

Marac Finance: About Marc Car Loans | Interest Rates & Fees | Common Questions

UDC Finance: About UDC Finance

Standard Fees and Charges | General Conditions | Credit Sale Agreement (Personal) | Term Loan (Personal) | Security Agreement (Personal)

Early Repayment Charge (Consumer) |  Subsequent Dealing (Change of address/Complaints/Dispute Resolution/Hardship/Defaults)

For further information contact Chris Hughes on 03 578 5199 |

Responsible lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply